Sunday, September 12, 2010


On April 17th, 2008, the MARXIST-LENINIST DAILY published its coverage and SUPPORT of the Canadian Action Party, then led by closet Stalinist Constance Clara Fogal (Connie Fogal*) marching to demand a "BINDING REFERENDUM" on the SPP, which means on the annexation of Canada to the USA. The ML Daily entitles its coverage: "Toronto Rally Demands Binding Referendum on Canada's Participation in the SPP".

Says the ML Daily: "Hundreds of people participated in the rally demanding an end to Canada's participation in the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP), saying No! to a North American Union and yes to Canadian sovereignty." The article also reports that "[t]he specific demand put forward by the rally was for a binding referendum of the Canadian people to decide whether or not Canada would continue to participate in the SPP."

The ML Daily continues: "The Canadian Action Party, the Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada, Green Party ad Libertarian Party" SENT SPEAKERS to address the rally." And, continuing: "Pierre Chenier spoke on behalf of the Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada.

[I don't suppose he's the same Pierre Chenier of Paul Rose's "Chenier cell" of the terrorist group which kidnapped and is alleged to have murdered Quebec Labour Minister, Pierre Laporte at the outset of the 1970 October Crisis. On the other hand this Marxist Chenier who marched for the pro-Referendum gang on the SPP in 2008 has been a long-time member of the Communist Party of Canada and the Marxist-Leninists; he has sought political office many times in both Ontario and Quebec. He was 54 in 2008, 56-ish now. I'm 57. He would have been 17-ish in 1970. His occupation is that of a printer; would have come in handy running off broadsides for the FLQ... Does anyone have any more information? Is this the same Pierre Chenier?]

Marching with the Canadian Action Party in 2008, Pierre Chenier forcefully stated that Canada must get out of aggressive annexationist treaties such as SPP, as well as NAFTA and NATO... these treaties violate Canada's sovereignty... Our Party will continue to go all out to build the unity in action of Canadians to defeat the SPP and this North American Union, he concluded."

Did you get that? The COMMUNISTS are supporting Canadian sovereignty! They are supporting an END to the SPP and NAFTA, which are the basis of continental merger and hemispheric merger... on the way to world government, which is GLOBALISM which is exactly what Communism was FOUNDED TO ACHIEVE.

We are supposed to take at face value that Marxist-Leninists joined forces with the Canadian Action Party and other assorted leftists at a rally to DEMAND A BINDING REFERENDUM on whether Canada should be ANNEXED to the USA and that the Marxists were there to HELP SAVE CANADA!

Evidently, what they were there to do was to help SHOVE Canada over the brink by encouraging naive Canadians to put the Constitution of Canada up to a crap shoot --

What else is wrong with this picture?

[1] The MARXISTS (via Fidel Castro) were behind the founding in 1959-1963 of the FLQ -- the Front de libération du Québec, a terrorist group set up in Quebec to destroy the Constitution of Canada for an "open society" based in the FLQ's understanding of Marxist ideology.

[2] The Constitution of Canada, as the supreme and BINDING law of Canada, by its own existence and operation, absolutely prohibits the annexation of Canada to the United States of America. Indeed, Canada was founded in 1867 to prevent annexation, which being the constitutional purpose of the founding statute is non-derogable. A "referendum" on the SPP, an extension of NAFTA, and aimed to integrate Canada into the USA and Mexico, thus annexing Canada, introduces an OPTION which the Constitution does not allow. The Constitution says NO to annexation; a referendum on the SPP introduces a YES option, which the Constitution forbids.

The illusion of "democracy" is being used by the Canadian Action Party and its hard-core Communist supporters, to introduce a highly manageable RISK of tricking Canadians into VOTING YES to annex Canada to the USA and Mexico. Canadians foolish enough to believe in such an option and to vote in such a referendum, when they have NO CONTROL OVER ballot counts and vote results under corrupt pro-annexationist, pro-corporate governments, would be shooting themselves in their political foot -- to the absolute delight of the Marxists.

Within just a few days after I located and thank God downloaded this page from the ML Daily web site, the page disappeared from its URL, which was in the online ARCHIVES of the Marxist-Leninist Daily (also called the “Le Marxiste-Léniniste quotidien) in French: http://www.cpcml.ca/Tmld2008/D38058.htm#3

I found the google cache, however, and PDF'd it along with the dead link, and along with US Marxist sites that also picked up the Toronto Rally and support it. All have been placed at CALAMEO and linked to this blog update in the right-hand margin.

The 2008 Rally to demand a "Binding Referendum" on the annexation of Canada was emceed by Canadian Action Party candidate, Vijay Sarma; the Toronto instance of the pro-referendum action was organized by Canadian Action Party leadership contender Wendy Forrest and Karen Wittke, using a Facebook group to summon participants for the rally.

Canadian Action Party (CAP) was founded by former Trudeau appointee, Paul Hellyer (who now chases UFO's and urges us humans to "partner" in "development" with aliens his ex-Air-Force pal psychically communes with). Hellyer handed the reins of the CAP to staunch Vancouver Communist, Connie Fogal. For a good spoof on this gang and their Executive (alien-loving globalists) behind the CAP scenes, visit: "Canadian Soviet Action Party" (best viewed in Internet Explorer for the animations). On the subject of Pierre Elliott Trudeau, see my 2008 video, WHISPER:


* Constance Clara Fogal is the widow of hard-core Stalinist Harry Rankin, at whose funeral in 2002 the communist hymn, "Internationale" was sung by a choir. See: "North American Soviet Union" post in this Blogspot.