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Title slide: G. Edward Griffin On The United Nations

I'm Ed Griffin. I'm an author, researcher.
I've written some books.
I've written about -- most recently of interest -- a book called
"The Creature from Jekyll Island, a Second Look
at the Federal Reserve System."
And, I've written other things
on the United Nations
("The Fearful Master, A Second Look at the United Nations")
I wrote a book on natural cancer research and therapy
called "World Without Cancer, the Story of Vitamin B17".
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Title Slide: The United Nations

Well, the United Nations is different things to different people.
Most people think that the U.N. is our last best hope for peace.
That's the way it was sold to me when I was in school.
It was offered as an organization
where different nations could come together and
work out their problems and their grievances in a
peaceful manner. And be a means of reducing world conflict,
and increasing the economic prosperity of all of the member nations,
and all these wonderful things.

In reality, it turns out to be none of the above.
In reality, the United Nations is a-- the seat of
what the member governments hope will become
a true world government.

It's to be a government.
And, there's nothing inherently wrong with a world government.
But, we need to ask the question,
"What kind of a world government...
is this going to be?"
If the United Nations were going to be
a government based on all of the things
they've said it was going to be.
Peace and prosperity and protecting individual rights,
and all of these things...
I think it would be pretty hard to oppose it.
But, in reality, it's being built as a model of collectivism.
The political ideology that is inherent in the United Nations
is collectivism.

It's a word that probably needs to be defined for our purposes here.
But, in general, it means a totalitarian system.
A system of concentration at the top,
and the people being at the bottom being RULED from above,
-- not that the people have any voice in determining the
direction of their government, or the world,
but they are to be TOLD what the direction is;
they are to be TOLD to follow it.

Collectivism is the philosophy of Big Government and small people.
And, it's a philosophy that supposedly -- all of this -- is being done
in the name of society.
In other words, it's for the greater good of the greater number.
And so, you're supposed to go along with
whatever inconvenience or insult to your freedom comes along,
because, after all, it's in the greater good of the greater number.
And this is the rationale being used -- has been used -- for
quite some time, to justify all kinds of horrible atrocities.
All the leaders have to do is say, well, it's for the greater good
of the greater number.

That's the philosophy that's built in to the United Nations from top to bottom.
So, therefore, the answer to the question,
"What is the United Nations?" is: "The United Nations is
a budding, or building, world totalitarian system.

Title slide: Key People Behind the United Nations

The United States has always been the major supporter
and financier of the United Nations. So, you'd have to say
that the key people behind the United Nations are the GLOBALISTS --
I think is the best word to use to describe them -- in the United States.
Now, who are they?

They would be politicians. People in the State Department.
They would be international financiers.
We must remember, for example, that the land
where the United Nations is seated
was purchased by the Rockefellers, and donated to the United Nations.
Well, they didn't do that as a means of
being great humanitarians...
although that's the image that many people have.
They did it because they had a keen interest in
building this New World Order, and they
thought this would be the seat for it, and so
that's why they did that.

So, the people behind it in the United States
are the international financiers, who are located here, the primary:
the Rockefeller group.
And what's left of the old J.P. Morgan group.
And some of the larger banks.
But, primarily, you find most of these people in an organization
that is not well known, but definitely very important.
It's called the Council on Foreign Relations.
It's a group in the United States with about 4,000 members,
at the most. And yet, these people,
-- number one -- are all dedicated to building a New World Order,
a global government, based on the model of collectivism.

And -- number two -- you find them at the tops of most of the important organizations in this country.
You find them in government.
About half of our Presidents, and Vice Presidents, and uh --
just about all of our Secretaries of State
and Secretaries of Defense, and heads of the CIA and the
FBI and all of the important positions in government.
If you look at who these people are, over the years, they're members of this
Council on Foreign Relations.
Most of the great universities -- they have as their President -- or
their Board of Directors dominated by members of the
Council on Foreign Relations.

The news channels: ABC, CBS, NBC,
the Turner Broadcasting system.
Murdoch, I mean Murdoch is a well known member of the Council on Foreign Relations.
So, all of these major power centers of society
are in the hands of this small group.
Under 4,000 members.

And so, you ask, who is behind it?
If you want a list, that's a good place to start.
Write to the Council on Foreign Relations Office in
New York, as I have done every year,
and I ask for a membership report, or annual report.
And on the back of each report, they proudly list
all of their members.
So, that's where you find WHO is behind the United Nations.

Title slide: International Elites

That's a hard word for many people to accept-- or phrase--
to accept that we have an internationalist elite.
A lot of people believe, you know, that in this country,
we are the masters of our own political destiny.
We don't have an elite.
Maybe we have some rich people; yes, we have some powerful people.
But, the idea of an elite, or an international elite
is foreign to the thinking of a lot of Americans.

But, the truth is, we do have one.
And their intention is to -- number one -- maintain
their positions of being the elite; having
vast power and control. And financial wealth.
And -- number two -- to extend it to the international level.
We have these international elites. We call them international, but
basically, they're housed in each nation. We have them in England,
in France, in the United States, in Germany and so forth.
And now, the big move among these people is to coalesce
into a true international elite whereby
THEY will be operating through the governmental power of the United Nations.
Now, they really have clout. Because there's no nation in the world that can escape their power. Because the way these people work is that they --
if they want to accomplish something --
if they have an agenda --
let's just pick one at random:
Or another one:
population control,
or something like that.

As it is now, they have to convince each of the respective nations and their governments to implement those agendas.
But, once you have a true United Nations with true governmental power,
with real military forces,
and once you have turned over to these agencies of international power
control over your armies and over your air force...
and over your weapons of mass destruction...
you have created a global government, which is --
-- uh, cannot be challenged by any nation whatsoever.

So, now, these international elites do not have to worry about
convincing the governments in each part of the world,
as long as they control the center of this power,
which is the United Nations.
They therefore can control the world.
It's a very heady wine, I'm sure. But that's what
their objective is.

Title slide: United States Obligation
to the United Nations

But, the obligation of the United States to the United Nations
on a legal front has become entwined in these things we call treaties.
So, if you're talking as a globalist, or as an internationalist, and
you want to see the building of this New World Order,
you would say that
our obligation to the United Nations is legal, and it's binding, because
the United Nations has the status of a treaty.
And then, we have all these sub-treaties that follow along after it
NAFTA and GATT, and all these organizations that are created,
those are all based on treaty agreements.

And so, piece by piece, they have been weaving this fabric around this,
like the little silk threads that the Lilliputians wrapped around-- who was the--
Gulliver! -- Gulliver's Travels. I mean, any one thread, you could break.

But, Gulliver woke up one morning and he had these
thousands of little threads around his body and
although he was a giant compared to them,
he could not move. They had captured him.
So, I think that's basically what's going on.

And, in that sense, we have this obligation to the United Nations because we are being bound down
by thousands of treaties,
and it's destroying our independence.

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